Project Funding

So it is that...

Commercial projects, especially ‘tangible” projects are highly attractive in current financial markets. (The trend is that lenders and investors are pulling out of bank accounts and placing wealth into tangible projects.)

Obtaining project financing can be done in a way that is extremely simple for the client, but requires intensive and fast-paced licensed work and certification by a banking institution, to make the project (and some form of structured collateral) “bankable” in a way that traditional “asset based lenders” or the most demanding investors can easily accept.

Project Acceptance Flow

Private Companies
Web Designer

Often you want to expand you business and take it to higher grounds. Even if you don’t know where, we come to bring you relief.

Mega Projects
Purely Government Owned

This is for government-based project mandates who are seeking for that funding to handle government-owned mega-budget projects.

Bridge Loans
Gap Funding

This is one of the quickest priority goals we recommend for borrowers, designed to ensure you have an alternative fund to cover loan cost.

Global Impact Partners Project Analysis Guide

Five elements of a good project worthy of funding are;

  1. What are they trying to accomplish? Does it fit our industry focus?
  2. Where is the project located?
  3. Who are the principals? What is their experience in the field?
  4. How much do they need?
    • Does the project support the ask?
    • How much have they already invested?
    • What do they have to invest now in their project?
    • What is their liquidity?
  5. What is the exit strategy?

Funding types we currently consider

A full range of debt financing is available. Anywhere between 40% LTV to 100% LTV (relative).

Readiness to take up equity share in a company’s viable project or traded stock, as the case may be. Equity can range between 5% to 70%, depending on the financiers terms and conditions.

Financing can be done on the basis of equity share percentage and debt offer. The lender can decide to put in 50% funds and assume 50% equity of the company or project, as the case may be. The project owner decides whether he would be involved minimally or be paid off.

Mostly applicable for a large construction project. We provide the financier who takes care of the funding, and we also get the company that would do the Engineering, Construction and Procurement. Management of the project can be done by the owner in some need-be-cases.

Project Submission Quick Analysis Requirement

Here is a checklist to help prospective clients, mandates, consultants and project owners to get projects easily funded

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