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Global Impact Partners seeks to eliminate the barriers to critical economic and community development within the global marketplace that inhibit the birth and rise of creative ideas, innovation, education, job growth and development particularly in developing countries due to the lack of adequate resource and/or financial liquidity to fuel advancement of small and mid cap businesses and new technology.

Our focus above all else is on how we can partner with governments and private corporations to make the greatest impact economically that shifts the trajectory of communities and nations for years to come.
Therefore, we are selective in the projects that we choose to consider for funding whether directly or indirectly through our investor funding network.

Industries of focus are: Energy, Affordable Housing, Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare, Education, Technology and Innovation, Agribusiness, Mining, Minority Led Business (Women and People of Color).

The heart of Global Impact Partners is giving and working with humanitarian causes via the Global Impact Partners Foundation. Each of our strategically placed global offices also represent our commitment to provide humanitarian relief and assistance in those areas whether through development of service and educational programs or through our philanthropy. Our mission is that “We are with you.” No one should feel alone, unnoticed or uncared for by someone that loves them and willing to invest in their now and their future.

The focus of Global Impact Partners and President of the Global Impact Partners Foundation is to align our organization with like-minded partners who understand the vision of our company who possess the talent, character and boldness to stand with us and believe in what we do to make a difference globally. We have to dare to be different and dare to break down barriers and systems of oppression that have crippled advancement in developing countries.

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