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Global Impact Partners (GIP) is working with an exclusive world renowned Banking Consortium. Recognized by the UN, we  can now assist you with trade financing which is ideal for exporters, importers, and trading companies worldwide — who feel they can expand their business by leveraging their cash flow.

Products Offered


Bank Guarantees (BGs)


Demand Guarantees (DGs)


Performance Guarantees (PGs)


Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC)


Letters of Credit at Sight (LCS)


Usance Letters of Credit (ULC)


Pre Advice Message


POF Messages


Comfort Letters

Monetizing Financial Instruments

The complexity of monetizing Financial Instruments inherently requires a substantial amount of experience and skill. The coalition of rules between state regulatory processes and compliance with stringent conditions such as; IMF, central banks, money laundering, compliance, Basel 3 requirements and more, needs expert guidance and navigation.

For example; Transfer of the financial instrument is contracted only through electronic systems for secure banking systems (Swift).  If a different way is attempted it will be considered invalid and red-flags will mark the transaction.  In addition, law enforcement requires it to be reported to the proper authorities.

Line of Credit Exception:

We can assist you with your  line of credit against a Financial Instrument. The Loan-To-Value (LTV) may be from 60% to 85% of the face value of the instrument, in accordance with the rating bank or issuing financial institution.

Justifiable Targets

In addition you can use Financial Instruments to establish the following “ventures”:

Benefits of working with GIP

Redeem Historic and Cash Savings Bonds.

Through our suppliers service you have access  to the General Manager of an (A+ RATED qualified World Bank) who specializing in the fields of Monetized Financial Instruments, Trade Finance Instruments, Redeeming & Cashing Savings Bonds, as well as a financial institution with over 30 bank subcategories with fantastic experience in this field.

There is over $500 billion under management in the Redeeming and Cashing Savings Bonds field.

And, in 2017 alone, our financial partners/ banks have redeemed and cashed savings bonds & historic bonds valued over 2 trillion USD.

Write to us with your official Letter of Interest, list all the types of bonds your company wants to redeem and cash. We will respond, based on your inquiry for this matter.

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