About Us

Welcome to Global Impact Partners

We believe in ensuring that growth is equalized and balanced at the same time. When you as our client and partner grow, we know our growth is inevitable.

Our Vision

Moving people and global economies forward.

Our Mission

To provide creative financial solutions that make global impact for global change.

Our Purpose

To give life, voice and hope to the ideas, dreams and passions in our world.

Our history

After launching a career in Real Estate in 2014, KaRhonda Bray embraced the need for more creative financial options for clients in the commercial real estate industry. Admittedly selfish at first, she wanted to search creative ways to finance her own real projects and started her finance journey in early 2017 as a commercial mortgage broker with a small boutique firm based in Pennsylvania.

Our 6-D strategy



Inquiry is initiated to discover who and what are involved in the needed service. Calls between concerned parties begin.



Needs and concerns of the client are defined to ensure there are realistic parameters to work with in our next phase.



Parameters are filtered, dissected and properly deliberated upon to create models and suitable blueprints to develop.



Models designed in the previous phase are then created and developed to produce a responsible solution to deploy.



Solutions are deployed to everyone. Clients are then given worthy options that are fitting to meet their challenges, ready to deliver.



Solutions that have been carefully chosen, tailored to the client’s needs are then delivered in all ramifications. Everyone wins!

Why work with us?

We are made up of highly skilled and fully tech-savvy professionals from relevant fields of career endeavours. And we grow with such variations.

We have transited from just a consulting firm to a multinational organisation. GIP funds clients, and we remain worthy to date.

We make sure to employ industry trends and utilise data-driven stats to plan, create and deploy our flexible and curated solutions to our clients.

Our passion for what we do knows no bound. We thrive in what we do owing to how passionate we work with you. Passion truly drives us.

Working with organisations across the calls for policies and conducts adherence. We make sure to understand this need appropriately.

We can not do without our team of well-skilled professionals. We have the man and brain power needed to manage you towards success.

Would you like to reach us today?

We are always available for our clients and partners. We will are by no means too busy to take your calls and help you when needed. Give us a call today!